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Prepaid Debit Card and Co-branded Card Platform

The Issuer - the Global Payment Platform

The Issuer® platform is designed to offer paperless processing solutions to financial institutions and businesses: bank payments processing, SWIFT transfers, local and international wires processing, prepaid and credit cards issuing and processing, design customization (co-branding), manufacturing, logistics, prepaid cards processing (MasterCards and VISA networks). Currently platform hosts multiple banks and issuers in all continents, processing transactions globally in over 30 currencies, running variety of co-branded card programs with prepaid cards and full suite in-house facilities. The Issuer is chosen by banks and financial institutions who wish to steamline and enhance their portfolios with new services on local and international markets like co-branded credit cards, local and international bank wire processing, customized solutions including API and individually customized logistics regardless of the clients location. platform includes prepaid cards from both VISA and MasterCard networks and our clients can take advantage of easy setup process to offer their cardholders access to their funds through millions of ATMs and POS in over 200 countries. It is easy to set up account with TheIssuer prepaid card platform - the process takes less than 10 days with full access to all services on the platform.

If you are a business with employees located in more than one country, you can also join platform and provide your employees with free prepaid credit cards co-branded with your company name and logo. Your employees will use the cards to receive salaries and additional benefits (commissions, rewards) and load funds through any local bank worldwide. There are obvious benefits for you and your employees: you will enhance your brand recognition with co-branded prepaid cards, and your employees will be happy to have access to their funds anytime anywhere without carrying cash - another smart opportunity to save the trees in the world.

By joining the platform you get access to all its services including co-branded cards, local and international bank and SWIFT transfer service and payment programs. Your clients will be provided with easy access to cash, a variety of payment options and other rewards which are offered to your valued users. Some of the payment programs which platform includes are turnkey payment processing, co-branded credit cards, co-branded prepaid cards and other services which are designed to benefit both businesses and consumers in a wide variety of ways.

Our co-branded card programs and prepaid card programs are used all over the world for a variety of purposes such as payouts and dividends, Forex and incentive payments, rewards, insurance, loans, gambling and other businesses and services. The Issuer cardholders already take advantage of the wonderful benefits that we offer such as fast cash at millions of ATMS's worldwide, the ability to shop at many merchants, buy online and around the globe with ease.


The Issuer platform hosts many free local and international payment methods:

- credit cards (VISA, MasterCard)

- local bank deposits/withdrawals (over 30 currencies and 100 banks)

- co-branded prepaid credit cards (VISA, MasterCard)

- SWIFT transfers (international bank and wire transfers in over 200 countries)

- Single Euro Payments Area transfers (SCT-SEPA Credit Transfer channels).

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