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Benefits of Co-branding cards and card programs

Multiple Co-Branding with Credit cards and Debit cards

You have heard the term "co-branding" before and wondered how a co-branded card can help your business get the benefits that people commonly experience through the use of a co-branded card program. Basically, a co-branded card is a credit card or a prepaid credit card that joins the presence of the financial institution and your company which is displayed on the credit card, debit card or prepaid card. You can choose co-branded cards with a single brand such as your company or multiple brands such as your company and your client company which provide rewards and incentives to the cardholders and customers. This is a form of marketing which allows you to gain access to the additional clientele of your co-branded card partners and additionally gives the same benefits to your business clients.

Many companies underestimate the benefits of a co-branded card program as a form of marketing in order to increase business customer base, increase customer spending and increase cardholders loyalty as well. So, if you want to join forces with free co-branded prepaid cards and free local and international bank transfer service - global transfer platform is the right choice. You will get two main benefits: you will receive all-in-one payment solution combining most kinds of transactions in over 200 countries (VISA, MasterCard, prepaid cards, SWIFT, local bank deposits/withdrawals, wire transfers), and you will donate your contribution in saving the world using paperless transactions.

The Issuer platform hosts many free local and international payment methods:

- Single Euro Payments Area transfers (SCT-SEPA Credit Transfer channels)

- Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard)

- SWIFT wire transfers (international bank and wire transfers in over 200 countries)

- Local bank deposits/withdrawals (over 30 currencies and 100 financial institutions)

- Co-branded prepaid credit cards (VISA, MasterCard).


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