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Electronic payroll payments through VISA Payroll Cards Direct to a financial account

Payroll Cards

If we lived in a perfect world then all of our employees would have a bank account which could then be used to directly deposit their pay each week. Unfortunately, this is not the case and is the main reason why payroll cards such as the credit cards, debit cards and co-branded cards that we offer are such a popular choice with businesses like yours. Because things are not quite as simple as you would like, payroll cards are a great debit card program that will allow businesses to conveniently issue employee pay each week with less hassle to their unbanked employees.

Electronic payroll payments which are placed directly into a financial account and accessed by employees through the use of co-branded cards, debit cards or credit cards are much more economical for businesses and can help to cut down on costs through the use of direct deposit. Payroll cards allow employees the opportunity to the availability of direct deposit even if they do not currently have a bank accounts to use. Although there are some startup costs initially, once these expenses is paid businesses can start experiencing the savings due to the elimination of the recurring costs of traditional paycheck printing.

When you add up the costs of postage, printing ink, delivery charges, security features and other expenses you can see why many companies today have replaced traditional paychecks with payroll card programs such as those offered through our co-branded card program, prepaid card program and credit card program which have already saved many companies a lot of money. There are also many benefits of a payroll credit card, debit card or co-branded card as well such as immediate access to their pay each week. Other added benefits for employees are the elimination of check cashing fees as well as less hassle when accessing quick cash through the use of ATM machines and merchants with no wait to accessing the available funds placed on the account.

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