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Co-branded cards and Prepaid card Solutions

Why Prepaid cards and Card Programs?

The introduction of a prepaid card has allowed many people who would not otherwise be able to experience the benefits of electronic payments the ability to do so thanks to the hassle free process of obtaining these popular cards. Another reason why a debit card, credit card or co-branded card which is issued as a prepaid card has become such a popular choice is due to the fact that checking accounts which are advertised as free or not actually free and can cost upwards of $300 or more each year. Because of this many financial institutions are now offering the popular prepaid card options to consumers seeking this service.

Many financial institutions now realizes that in order to keep up with the demands of modern consumers they must meet this demand in order to retain their current customers and also expand and attract new clients. Business can offer credit card, debit cards and co-branded cards that are featured as a prepaid card for consumers which charge a fee for membership. This fee is set by the financial institution and allows financial institutions to gain a stream of revenue from this growing consumer clientele. This can help these financial institutions to develop long term full banking relationships with these new customers as well.

A prepaid credit card, debit card or co-branded card allows consumers that are under-banked or unbanked to have access to a line of credit. This allows people who used to have to rely on money orders, cash and other loan sources a line of credit which will allow then to network with merchants around the world. A prepaid card program such as ours also helps promote financial responsibility to help consumers to budget their spending and avoid the risk of over spending associated with standard bank accounts. Prepaid cards put consumers in complete control of their spending while also allowing them quick access to cash when needed through the use of credit cards or debit cards which are accepted at ATM's around the globe.

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